Freediving Instructors

All in one breath…

Basic Freediving Instructor:

SSI Basic Freediving instructor Course is designed only for SSI Pros who want to make an easy entry to the professional world of Freediving. The program is designed as a wonderful workshop and you will find all the details of entry level programs.

Freediving Instructor Level 1:

Are you ready to share your experience in freediving and start teaching? Yes the first step of freediving instructor is waiting for you. This program is going to give you the opportunity to become a real freediving professional!

Freediving Instructor Level 2:

If you are already an avid freediver and interested in sharing your experience with your students, this is the program for you. Level 2 instructor program is going to give you the highest entry point as a freediving instructor to SSI family.

Freediving Instructor Level 3:

Ready to teach the secrets of deep freediving? If you are an experienced Level 2 freediving instructor and interested in training the top future freediver, then don’t miss this chance!

Freediving Specialty Instructor:

Freediving specialty courses are the key elements of freediving education. The ability to offer different specialties not only creates happy and confident freedivers but it also develops a bigger wisdom for the instructor.

Freediving Specialist Instructor:

Do you want to share your knowledge with other professionals? The goal of SSI Freediving Specialist Instructor program is to provide SSI Scuba instructors with the knowledge and skills to conduct the Basic Freediving Instructor programs.