Why SSI?


In today’s world, there are several agencies that has diver and dive pro training systems. You may add local dive federations to that list, too. Every year millions of diver certification as well as thousands of dive pro certifications are issued. SSI has significantly been distinguished among others and has become one of the leaders of the industry, by no chance.

SSI system has a full range of training from swimming to scuba diving, technical diving to lifeguard programs and freediving to marine ecology programs. There are not many companies that can offer such variaty of training programs to their customers.

Being one of the best diver training agencies since 1970, SSI’s number one priority has always been the quality standards, so it has the ISO certification. Worldwide, SSI instructors teach all programs according to these training standards, ensuring all students learn the same thing with no arbitrary content nor instructor’s wishes. SSI is also one of the founders of RSTC and WRSTC.

SSI has succeeded an amazing digital revolution in training materials. All levels trainin kits are now availible online via mobile apps or web interface, compliant with today’s many popular mobile platforms. These contents are availible in more than 30 kanguages. Choosing between languages is on the swipe of a finger.

All teaching materials needed for instructors and other dive pros are available in many languages online and free of charge, whatsoever.

Please check the table below to compare such advantages with other training agencies worldwide.

From the dive pro perspective, it is mandatory for SSI Pros to work affiliated with an SSI Dive Center. With this, there is more sense of confidence for the customers, as well as ensuring the job security of dive pros and more opportunities for them to gain experience. This is also a part of the quality assurance system and measuring the performances of instructors and their training qualities.

Watch below the testimonials of some dive center owners that have crossed over to SSI from other systems recently. You will hear the benefits of change they have got.

As a last word, SSI devotes itself and uses its brand power to develop advertising, social media marketing, content improvement, equipment and supporting dive professionals. When you join SSI, you will feel the previlage to be a part of this strong family. This is where the difference begins.