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You are now visiting a page that is completely dedicated to dive professional training, more specifically, SSI Dive Professional Training opportunities.

SSI – Scuba Schools International is a world wide diver training system from swimming to freediving and scuba training to technical diving, as well as dive instructors and instructor trainers. 

Pro Diver Academy is an initiative of Happy Bubbles Dive Center, to create training and recruiting opportunities for dive pro candidates in Ankara, Bodrum and not limited to those. Our dive pro trainings range from the SSI Dive Guide level to up to Assistant Instructor Trainers. Beyond that is something more dedicated and can only be achieved if the local service center needs more Instructor Trainers.

If you want to see how a dive pro’s life is please watch our dedicated videos!

Please navigate around the pages to find more about Scuba, XR (eXtended Range) and Freediving Instructor training opportunities. If you have any questions please contact us through any channel you’d like. See the right sidebar.

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Blue Oceans

All SSI Dive Professionals has pledged to protect and respect the ocean environment. Our training system has taken a big step about this and created a program called Mission Deep Blue. This program is about protecting oceans and marine creatures as well as sustainable diving tourism. This program is free for all dive professionals and divers.

Management of plastic waste, dying coral reef because of excessive CO2 emission, killing sharks for their fins and many more topics can be learned. All you need to do is the login to mySSI app.

No individual without environmental consciousness and willing to protect it, must consider to become a SSI Dive Professional.   

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